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Languages for the tour:

*if necessary, other language are possible

Ukrainian Russian English German

Departure point:

city Kyiv, Khreschatyk street, 44

Send time:

Group gathering at 7:30 Departure to 8:00 a.m. Kyiv time (+2 GMT).

Visiting rules and frequently asked questions:

*by filling out the application you confirm that you have carefully read the rules of and agree to abide by them

  1. Strictly fulfill the conditions of the accompanying group. The Chernobyl zone is a territory prohibited for free access, therefore movement is allowed only according to the established routes, accompanied by a guide.
  2. To be in clothes that cover the body, arms, legs as much as possible, otherwise you may be denied access.
  3. Be able to use additional security features (if necessary).
  4. Observe the terms of warning and prohibition signs, radiation safety posters.
  1. Putting things on the ground.
  2. Eat and smoke outdoors.
  3. Drink tap water.
  4. Bring weapons with you.
  5. Drink alcohol and drugs.
  6. To export any items, including fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, plants, fish, etc. that are of origin from this Zone.
  7. Take out animals (cats, dogs, etc.).
  8. Visit the dining room in dirty clothes and shoes.
  9. Swimming, sunbathing, fishing, hunting, picking berries, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other forest products.
The possible radiation dose is up to 0.1 Sv in one day, which does not exceed the dose limit for the population. It is categorically forbidden to avoid these routes. The radiation background may vary along the route, but its level is safe for humans.
  1. It is forbidden to put photos and video equipment on the ground.
  2. Photo and video recording of elements of the physical protection system is prohibited.
  3. PPC photo and video shooting is prohibited.

Organization of group and individual excursion tours to Chernobyl is one of the activities of "Empire Travel" LLC. In accordance with applicable law, the company received special permission to conduct activities in the Exclusion Zone. The "Empire Travel" company was established in 2011 and is a tour operator (license AE No. 272961 dated January 28, 2015). Today "Empire Travel" is a leader in tourism and can offer you many different tours for every taste. You can look at more detailed information about us on the website of the company We offer you tours to Chernobyl, which is one of the most "exotic" places for tourism on Earth according to "Forbes" magazine.


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